Parent Resources

This pamphlet provides an overview of Assistive Technology (AT).  It offers information on the 4 phases of the AT process, and gives parents questions to think about and ask as they participate in the IEP process. 

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Resources to Support Educational Enrichment for Families with Children at home.

Purpose of Document: The purpose of this document is to provide online resources to families interested in providing educational enrichment opportunities for their children during this pandemic. Please note that this information was compiled to support students who receive specialy designed instruction, including resources for gifted/enrichment. We have limited ourselves to no more than 15 resources per tab so as not to overwhelm users of the document. More items may be added at a later time. 

How to Navigate: Scroll through the tabs at the bottom of the page. Select a tab from the bottom of the page to review the resources listed. Each resource provides the source, age range, link, brief description and date the resource was added. Click on the link of the site you'd like to visit. 

Tabs Address the Following Topics:  visual supports/schedules, Digital Reading Sources, Augmentative & Alternative Communication, Distance Learning, Parent Information & Math.    

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