Resource Guides

These Resource Guides are PDF documents, each of which provides a basic introduction to features commonly available in assistive technology software and hardware.  

Since most AT software programs and many AT devices are regularly updated by the vendors who create them, if these were guides to specific pieces of software or device, they would be quickly out of date. Instead we're providing you with information about some features common to many AT software programs and devices.  As you become more familiar with the functions of the various features, you will be better able to make decisions about which software programs and devices can best support the learner.  These guides are meant to be introductory in nature; a place to begin your research and learning about these tools.

Each of the guides is a PDF document that can be viewed on screen or downloaded. Click on the link to open the document in a new window.


 Audio Notes

Graphic Organizers


 Text to Speech

  Voice Recognition

 Word Prediction