Regional and Summer Tech Camps - 2018 Edition 


The goal of providing Technology Integration Camps to school teams is to provide educational staff an opportunity for an immersive hands-on experience with a wide variety of technology.  These tech camps are built on the principles of Universal Design for Learning and will allow teams to create supports that provide students with multiple and engaging means of learning new information.  Providing teams with the practice needed to develop a greater confidence with their tech skills will in turn help teachers embrace student use of technology to demonstrate their understanding of the material they've been taught. 




Tech Camp is an opportunity to work with school teams to develop strategies and resources for supporting students to participate in the curriculum and work towards independence.  This year teams that participate will receive a stipend that will be divided into 2 payments.  The first payment is for attending the training and sharing resources, and the second will be paid the following school year for participants training additional staff/families in their home district.  Participants traveling over 60 miles one direction are eligible to stay in a hotel nearby where breakfast will be provided.  Teams will be expected to share rooms.  Infinitec will provide lunch.   Participation in the tech camp is limited.  All members of each team must attend both days of training to be considered for participation.  All applications should be submitted by May 8, 2017

Based on the Each One Teach One philosophy, participating teams will receive an incentive to go back to their school districts and teach others the new skills they've gained and support them as they increase their comfort integrating technology into the curriculum.


Transition Boot Camp with Dr. Laura Owens & Associates                                                   



Transition Bootcamp is a full day, team-based, interactive capacity building event designed to help cross-agency teams improve the transition to employment for students with disabilities. Participants will leave the training with knowledge on how to use evidencebased practices to focus efforts, and with identified action steps based on cross-agency discussions. Bootcamp Teams should be comprised of key transition partners from individual school districts or education cooperatives. A wider diversity in a team's membership will allow for more productive discussions and action steps during the group work times. Team members might include:

• Special Education Transition Staff**

• Classroom Teachers

• School Administrators

• Vocational Rehabilitation**

• County Case Managers

• Community Employment Providers

• Postsecondary Education Program Staff

• Family Members**

• Student Leaders

**Teams Must Have


Participants will:

•identify work based learning strategies

•identify evidence based practices for collaboration across

disciplines to support transition?

•create an action plan for how they teams will provide a smooth


transition from school to work including pre-employment.

Location:  May 10, 2018 - Palatine, IL  


Supporting Emergent Communicators, Readers, and Writers with Low-Incidence Disabilities           

with Lauren Enders - MA, CCC-SLP


In this two-day tech camp workshop , participants will explore successful AAC implementation and literacy instruction  through lecture and hands-on participant activities (both practice-based and make and take). Topics will include exploration of key features of available robust AAC apps, successful AAC implementation including ways to elicit staff buy-in, provision of appropriate reading and writing instruction, and goal writing for students with emerging communication and literacy skills. Tools demonstrated will range from no tech (paper-based) supports to high-tech computer or tabletbased technologies


Participants will:

•describe at least on unique feature of each of the 6 robust AAC apps discussed

•explain 3 methods of increasing teacher/staff buy-in of immersive AAC implementation strategies.

•demonstrate how to use an alternative pencil within a predictable chartwriting activity

•list 3 computer or tablet-based applications that can be used to support emergent readers and   writers

•generate an IEP goal or objective for an emergent communicator, reader, and writer

Location:  June 20th & 21st, 2018   Tinley Park, IL 


Financial Disclosure: Lauren Enders is being paid an honorarium and travel expenses for this presentation.

Non-Financial Disclosure: Lauren Enders has no relevant nonfinancial relationships.


21st CENTURY EDUCATIONAL EXPERIENCE DESIGN w/Chris Bugaj                                


This experience will allow participants tomesh contemporary educational principles such asUDL, The Growth Mindset, Project Based Learning,The Maker Movement, The Least Restrictive Option,and the use of technology to transform practices toempower students of all abilities to take charge of theirown learning. Come to the session as an educator,leave, transformed, as an Educational ExperienceDesigner.

Click here to see a short video of Chris 


Participants will be able to:

•produce an action plan including their own SMART Goals for how tobring about change to either their own practice or to their educationalinstitution.

•develop three ideas for how to implement technology of their choiceand one artifact that can be implemented upon return to their practices.

•redesign a lesson centered upon the needs of all students.•assess their institution's practice of consideration and implementationof technology necessary to ensure FAPE.

August 6th & 7th, 2018  Tinley Park, IL  




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Learning in the 21st Century                        



                                                    Tech Camp 2012

Dan herlihy instructing




I just wanted to follow up with a big thank you to all of the Infinitec staff for providing us the opportunity to participate in the Summer Technology Integration Project.  We left filled with numerous ideas and tools that will allow us to provide more and more opportunities for our students. We appreciate the effort that went into organizing this and look forward to other trainings.
Mary T. Harrison
Director of Special Services
Lincoln-Way High School
District 210

susan norwell instructing





We are so excited to have these talented speakers working with us!  It's an opportunity my staff would not be able to have if we had to pay overnight expenses or speaker fees ourselves.
Beth Leggitt, CCC-SLP-L
South Eastern Special Education
Ste. Marie, IL 62459



"The skill I learned that will have the most impact on my students was making adapted books & writing activities in order to make curriculum more accessible."






"I really enjoyed how things were divided to meet the needs of each and every one."


"Excellent job - lots of shortcuts, tips and tricks!!!"


"The best thing about the tech camp was the time available to apply what we learned! It was great!"


"The best idea is the overarching ability we gained to differentiate curriculum and resources for all students to improve ease of access."



           groups collaboration



"The whole concept that UDL helps ALL OF US to be more productive learners and have a better quality of life."


"I really appreciated the extra help when needed."


"The part of the training that will impact my students the most was the time given to develop a plan and the tools to immediately integrate tech into a classroom unit in science."



"Infinitec staff was incredibly helppful and supportive!  Thank you!"