Big Ideas – How is AT Monitored?

Understand Performance Monitoring of Assistive Technology Use

Performance Monitoring should be used to measure a student’s functional performance on a particular task both with and without the use of AT. The difference in the student’s performance on the task when using AT and not using AT determines the impact of the AT on the student’s ability to perform that particular task. The student’s performance should be measured and evaluated over time.

Why do it?

AT, like any other intervention, needs to be monitored to ensure that the intervention is working in the way that it is desired. The goal of monitoring a student’s performance while using AT is to determine whether or not the AT continues to be needed and/or whether or not the AT continues to be meeting the needs of a student.

Key Concepts of Progress Monitoring:

  • Measure the functional performance of a student both with and without assistive technology on a particular task.
  • Be sure to determine the variable that will be measured.
  • Be sure there are repeated performances over time.
  • Observed performance on a task must be observable, measurable and target a behavior that can be recorded.