Infinitec Provides Four FREE Statewide Assistive Technology Training Options

Regional Trainings 

Infinitec offers an exciting annual calendar of training events scheduled in the northern, central and southern regions of the state. These offerings are either half or full day events featuring prominent local, regional and national presenters. Space is limited and registration is on a first come-first served basis.  Learn more HERE

Local Trainings  

Infinitec is committed to providing training locally across Illinois so that educators and parents from all 102 Illinois counties may attend without traveling great distances.  We offer a rich set of two to four hour trainings for educators, parents and recently have expanded our offering to include AT trainings for transition students to help them prepare for post secondary settings.  Trainings are available in both lecture and hands-on formats and may be scheduled through one of our training program coordinators.  Learn more HERE.


Webinars, a popular and successful form of distance-learning, are proving to be an effective way for Infinitec to reach educators and parents across the state.  We offer a diverse set of webinars ranging in length from forty five minutes to two hours and scheduled after school.   Learn more HERE.

Summer Technology Integration Experience – “Tech Camp”

Technology can be a powerful tool for applying the principles of Universal Design for Learning.  Summer Tech Camp, offers a choice of multiple day, hands-on, immersive experiences designed to help educational teams improve their confidence and ability to integrate technology into the classroom.    Learn more HERE.