Big Ideas – How is AT implemented?

An action plan identifying where, when and how, a student should use the AT along with any supports needed to effectively use the AT should be put into place.  Teams must identify who may need training in order for the AT to be used effectively by a student. This may include the student, teachers, therapist, paraprofessionals, family members, and others who work with the student.  AT may not be ready to use ‘out of the box’ and will need to be customized to meet a student’s individual needs. Similarly, as the student becomes more adept at using the AT or the needs or skills of the student change over time, the AT may need to be customized further to better meet the demands of the tasks for which the AT is being used. A contingency plan should also be developed and initiated if the AT becomes damaged or unavailable for student use. Finally, a plan for routine maintenance of the AT should be developed and enacted.

Key Concepts for the Implementation of Assistive Technology:

Identify the task related to an IEP goal.

Identify the tool(s) or system that will be used.

Identify where or in what environment(s) the AT will be used.

Identify how the tool will be maintained and/or customized.

Identify what training will be needed and who will need to be trained.

Identify how the AT will be handled on statewide assessments.