Big Ideas – What is an IEP Team?

IEP teams are made up of individuals who bring different perspectives and expertise to the table. Pooling their knowledge, team members set out to craft an individualized response to a specific child’s needs, taking into account that same child’s strengths and talents. One of the responsibilities of the IEP team is to consider the AT needs of a student. 

Members of the IEP Team

An IEP team will most likely include:

  1. A general education teacher to help the team identify the tasks required of the student
  2. A parent who can discuss how AT might be used in the home environment
  3. A student to promote acceptance of AT
  4. A speech-language pathologist who can access communication needs
  5. A physical therapist and on occupational therapist who can access motor requirements and positioning
  6. A computer coordinator to provide information regarding the district’s hardware and software resources
  7. An AT specialist to suggest resources for the team’s consideration
  8. Any other member of the student’s IEP team

Key Concepts for a Team Approach to AT Decision Making:

No single individual will have all the necessary information about the student to make decisions regarding AT.

All individuals on the team should have knowledge of the potential user of AT.