Welcome to the Illinois Assistive Technology Support site for K – 12 schools.


This website is intended to provide information about the provision of assistive technology (commonly referred to as “AT”) in the K-12 school setting, to Illinois educators and parents.  The determination of a student’s need for AT, selection of the appropriate AT, implementation of AT services and ongoing support for a student using AT is a critical process requiring many individuals, including a wide variety of school professionals as well as the student and their parents or guardians, to work together to determine how the student can best meet his or her educational objectives.

Infinitec has created and maintains this free public website as place to house information that we trust will be very useful to the stakeholders involved in the school-based AT process.

What will you find here?

Resources which can be found by exploring the menu bar above Include:

Illinois AT Guidance Manual  –  The AT Guidance Manual is a comprehensive collection of information and best-practices that we hope will educate school personnel and families about all aspects of the consideration for and provision of AT within the school setting.  Regardless of your role in the AT process, our hope is that this manual will provide you with foundational knowledge, as well as improve your understanding of your role and what to expect from other involved in the process.  You many browse the manual or download your own personal copy.

Illinois Assistive Technology Guidance Manual Second Edition 2020 was written through a collaboration between ISBE and Infinitec.  The principal author is Gayl Bowser.  Gayl is a national assistive technology consultant and internationally known leader in assistive technology.  Special thanks to Erin Saxton, ISBE principal consultant, who provided guidance and support throughout the preparation of this work.  This edition builds on the foundational work of the original 2012 publication which was authored by Dr. Brian Wojcik and Karen Douglas, SEAT Center at ISU.

Big Ideas – Don’t have time to pour over the Illinois AT Manual?  Our Big Idea pages break down some of the more important ideas related to AT; putting them at your fingertips.

Free AT Training Opportunities – Infinitec provides many free AT related training opportunities across the state each year for educators, parents and students.  Regional AT trainings are scheduled in North, Central and Southern Illinois.  These are full day trainings.  Also through a program of local trainings, Infinitec offers a catalog of 2-4 hour lecture and hands-on AT trainings which we can deliver at your local school, Regional Office of Education, parent or community group.  Scheduled webinars round out our training offerings and provide many free after school distance learning opportunities.  Each year our training goal remains the same:  To provide high quality, high impact AT educational opportunities to educators and parents in each of Illinois’ 102 counties.  You may browse our training offerings and use the calendar to find out when trainings are scheduled and register for any topics of interest.

Resources– Here you will find sample forms, copies of materials from AT trainings, work-products created by attendees of AT trainings and other useful documents related to AT.  You are free to download and use these documents.

Need More Help – We understand that there is a lot to know about AT in the K-12 school setting. Here you will find links to other useful sites and a link to email your AT related questions to Infinitec.  Though we are unable to consult on specific student cases, we are available to provide email support for those who need a little more help with understanding the concepts or have questions about specific devices.  

Who is Infinitec and why are we providing this website?

‍‍Infinitec is short for “infinite potential through technology” and so, naturally, AT is our passion!

Infinitec is the assistive technology program of UCP Seguin of Greater Chicago, a non-profit, 501 c 3 corporation. The mission of Infinitec is to advance independence and promote inclusive opportunities for children and adults with disabilities through technology. Services provided through Infinitec include information services, access to assistive technology equipment, training and education programs, as well as access to specialists. In order to increase access to assistive technology services for children and adults with disabilities, the staff of Infinitec is committed to creating partnerships that maximize available resources to advance the mission of Infinitec.

Infinitec, believing in the power of AT and with the realization that there is much to be done to help schools, parents and students best apply this transformative technology seeks out grant opportunities that align with its mission. 

This website along with the many free statewide AT resources and trainings presented here are funded through a competitive grant awarded to Infinitec by the Illinois State Board of Education.

Need help using this website?

If you need support with using the features on this website please contact our website helpdesk by emailing infinitecwebsupport@ucpnet.org.