FREE AT Webinars

Can’t travel to the Regional or Local AT Trainings? Webinars offer a great way to participate in Infinitec’s free AT training from the comfort of your school or home.  Professional development credit is issued for all live webinars.  The date and time for each live webinar is listed after the webinar description.  All participants registered will receive an archived recording.

Please contact Samantha Conklin with any questions.

Latest Past Events

UDL Supports for Math for Students with Extensive Support Needs – Part 2

This session will focus on how to use the UDL framework to proactively plan meaningful mathematics instruction for students with extensive support needs. Research will be translated into practical strategies for supporting students to engage in problem solving in a way that leverages their strengths.Objectives:• Identify instructional variables that can be altered to increase or decrease challenge and support during math instruction• Explain how the UDL framework can be leveraged to increase student success in meaningful mathematics instruction

A Deeper Dive Into the Developmental Writing Scale: Establish Student Goals, Designing Instruction, and Celebrate Progress

The Developmental Writing Scale (DWS) is a powerful tool for beginning writers with complex learning needs that has sensitivity to measure discrete changes in writing quality and quantity from scribbles to paragraphs. During this second webinar in the series, participants will dive deep, learning how to use the scale to assess early and emergent writing of students (from scribbles to paragraphs) through practice scoring with their students’ writing samples. They will also learn how to develop two types of goals that are in alignment with state curricular standards – 1) student-friendly individual goals displayed for each student, and 2) IEP...

High Tech Executive Functioning Supports for Students in the Classroom and Out – Part 3

In today’s classroom students have more access to technology than ever before. This session will focus on high-tech tools including extensions, apps, and devices that can be used as assistive technology to support students who struggle with memory, organization, time management, or attention.Objectives:- Participants will be able to identify at least two reasons why students may benefit from high tech assistive technology.- Participants will be able to identify at least three extensions or apps that can be used to support students who struggle with executive functioning.- Participants will be able to identify at least two devices that have features that...