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We know that sometimes it's hard to make webinars fit into your busy schedule......

To make it easier to find recordings that may be of interest to you, we've organized our growing list of archived webinars into topical categories.  Below you'll find each of the topical categories and the archived webinar recordings available in each category.

To view an archived webinar, click on the picture for your chosen webinar.  The video player will open in a new window.  These recordings are Flash-based, so you will need a current copy of the Adobe Flash browser plug-in, which you can download HERE.  Also, note that since these recordings use Flash, they cannot be viewed on devices that do not support that technology.

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Category:  Illinois Assistive Technology Guidance Manual

Category:  Trainings for Paraprofessionals

Category:  Augmentative and Alternative Communication

Category:  Technology Tools