Summer Tech Camps – 2022 Edition

The goal of providing Technology Integration Camps to school teams is to provide educational staff an opportunity for an immersive hands-on experience with a wide variety of technology.  These tech camps are built on the principles of Universal Design for Learning and will allow teams to create supports that provide students with multiple and engaging means of learning new information.  Providing teams with the practice needed to develop a greater confidence with their tech skills will in turn help teachers embrace student use of technology to demonstrate their understanding of the material they’ve been taught.

Tech Camp is an opportunity to work with school teams to develop strategies and resources for supporting students to participate in the curriculum and work towards independence.  This year teams that participate will receive a stipend that will be divided into 2 payments.  The first payment is for attending the training and sharing resources, and the second will be paid the following school year for participants training additional staff/families in their home district.  Participants traveling over 60 miles one direction are eligible to stay in a hotel nearby where breakfast will be provided.  Teams will be expected to share rooms.  Infinitec will provide lunch.   Participation in the tech camp is limited.  All members of each team must attend both days of training to be considered for participation.  

Based on the Each One Teach One philosophy, participating teams will receive an incentive to go back to their school districts and teach others the new skills they’ve gained and support them as they increase their comfort integrating technology into the curriculum.



Reaching & Teaching Them All: Co-Teaching, UDL, and Inclusion – A 4-part Tech Series   
 Facilitated by: Paul Kluth DESCRIPTION:  This 4 Part presentation is not only filled with ideas for teaching diverse learners but is also focused on how schools and districts can evolve and change. The activities, examples, and illustrations in this webinar are designed to help participants refine their inclusion-related vision and related skills. The ideas come straight from successful inclusive schools and can be achieved by any number of stakeholders—including families. Come and learn the newest research on inclusive education as well as tried and true techniques for creating real change (e.g., “advertising” your commitment, teaching up, practicing radical and relentless role sharing).  The Co-Taught Classroom: 5 Ways to Create an Amazing, Nearly Miraculous & Earth-Shattering Partnership [2 sessions]  Get ready to co-teach! Participants in this 2-part workshop will become familiar with the critical elements of an effective collaborative team. These sessions are intended to prompt discussion and encourage partners to talk and think about teaching beliefs, teaching roles, and collaborative behaviors. Dr. Kluth will discuss a variety of co-teaching structures (e.g., duet teaching, station teaching, parallel teaching) and explore ways educators can work together in shared classrooms. She will also share ideas for developing a shared vision, setting team goals, differentiating as a team, and celebrating successes!  *learn the research-based benefits of co-teaching *understand how to set collaborative goals & set a joint vision  *learn 5 co-teaching structures they can use to support all students Joyful Learning in Challenging Times  We are teaching in challenging times. Therefore, both students (and their educators) need joy, novelty, and connection more than ever before. This session will focus on the engagement principle of UDL and will feature brain breaks, movement, mindfulness strategies, humor, and games for your K-12 inclusive classrooms. Participants will learn the rationale for focusing on active and responsive learning during distance education, hybrid, and face-to-face instruction and will be invited to try several of the techniques with fellow participants. Ideas for adapting games and exercises for all students will be shared. BYORC* [*Bring your own rubber chicken.]  *be introduced to 5 benefits of active learning  *learn about recent research on movement in the classroom  *learn 10+ active learning strategies that can be used across grade levels & subject areas  “Don’t We Already Do Inclusion?”: 5 Ways to Create Schools for All  Are you wondering how inclusion has changed during the pandemic? Do you want to understand how inclusion can profit students with and without disabilities? Are you “doing inclusion”, but seeking new ways to become re-energized as an advocate or educator? If you answered “yes” to any one of these questions, this workshop is for you!  *learn the recent research on inclusive schooling  *understand how to implement inclusion as a process (vs. as a placement)  *understand benefits of inclusion for all  Date:  May 19, 2021    May 26, 2021    June 2, 2021     June 9, 2021 Time:  9:00 AM – 12:00 PM Location:  Online Register:

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